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The Village District is responsible for the continued maintenance of the dam.

2018 / 2019 Open Positions

All positions are open for the Lower Beech Pond Village District.   The positions are

  • Commissioner ( 3 Year Term)
  • Commissioner (2 year Term)
  • Commissioner (1 Year Term)
  • Clerk (1 year Term)
  • Treasurer ( 1 year Term)

 Over the years these positions have become well documented.   There is a requirement for individuals in these positions to have access to a computer with the internet.  Please contact Tim Christian, Commission Chair, if you would like more information pertaining to these positions or to be added to the Village District email list  you  can email a commissioner  at ' lbpvillagedistrict@gmail.com '.

Inorder to fill positions on the Village District you must be a permanent resident in the Valley.

These positions are essential to the successful running of the Village District. 

2018 Lower Beach Village District Annual Meeting June 8, 2018 

Place:  Tuftonboro Town House

Time: 6:00PM


Tuftonboro & Wolfeboro,

New Hampshire