Tuftonboro & Wolfeboro,

New Hampshire

Nat Crane, Executive Director of the boys Camp, requires a change to the snowmobile trail when navigating up the Camp’s Water Front Road.   He is having a new trail put in from their shelter in the cover up to Willand Road to accommodate snowmobiles.   He is going to put signage at the pond but has requested that we reach out to the HVPOA members to alert them to the changes and  the new trail.

This is mainly precipitated by the fact that the camp is undergoing  a major building project going on at the waterfront this winter. Nat needs to keep it plowed. The minute a snowmobile goes over a heavy wet snow, the road becomes un-plowable. Nat has had this problem up at the Farmhouse  over the years as well.  The snowmobiles come up the Water Front road and down onto the area which Nat keeps plowed. He had talked about a new trail with the Dawson’s years ago.  They are finally getting around to it. Since there is logging operation going on now here at camp, He has flagged out a trail for them to cut. This new trail should be completed within the week, at which point Dan will shut down the Water Front  road.


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​​Snowmobile Access to the Boys Camps