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Tuftonboro & Wolfeboro,

New Hampshire

Lower Beech Pond Village District

Annual Draw Down Procedures

The purpose of the LBPVD is to manage and maintain the dam at the north end of Lower Beech Pond. The dam was rebuilt in 2016 with summer 2018 being its first full year of operation at the prescribed water containment level of 971.8 feet above mean sea level. The pond is drawn-down annually per the LBPVD Operation, Maintenance and Response plan filed with the state as follows: “After Columbus Day, three stop-logs are removed to lower the impoundment approximately 1.5 feet. Every five years, five stop-logs are removed to lower the impoundment approximately 2.5 feet.” The next five-year drawdown will occur in 2021. A Columbus Day draw-down is followed by most, if not all, NH lake/pond dam operators. This practice is intended to protect shoreline, shoreline structures and the dam/spillway itself from the weight and movement of winter ice. The spillway stop-logs are replaced after ice-out in the spring to allow the pond to naturally return to its prescribed containment level.  During summer, LBPVD commissioners monitor spillway operation with the intent of keeping the pond’s water containment level as close to 971.8 feet as possible.  They may, when necessary to prevent exceeding 971.8 feet, direct temporary stop-log removal to lower the water containment level ahead of heavy rain. 

For questions/concerns about dam issues, please contact the LBPVD commissioners at: