Interesting Facts about Lower Beech Pond

The area of the lake is 155 acres or 6,751,800 square feet.

The elevation of the lake is 984 feet above sea level.

It takes 29,228 gallons to raise the lake level by 1 inch.

The lake watershed is 2.74 square miles or 76,386,816 square feet.

One inch of rain in watershed would raise lake level by 4.13 inches
if no absorption were to occur.

On a dry day, breezy day at 90 degrees the lake can lose 1 inch of water.

6 inches of discharge at the dam is 11 cfs. (cubic feet per second)

12 inches of discharge is 119 cfs.

42 inches of discharge is 196 cfs.

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Tuftonboro & Wolfeboro,

New Hampshire

Facts about Lower Beech Pond
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