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Tuftonboro & Wolfeboro,

New Hampshire

Wild Life in the Valley

ThIs summer has been a great time for catching a glimpse of wild life in the valley. Wild life thrives in our valley.  Listed below are some of the small and large creatures sighted in the valley over the summer:

  • Bears have been seen visiting a home on Valley Road
  • Deer have been sighted  in many areas of the valley.  There have been many deer sightings on the Valley Road Loop.
  • Loons (a family of loons) were seen on the pond in early August.
  • Bald Eagle  was sighted soaring over the pond in mid August.
  • Turtles were sighted  in the pond while kayaking
  • Ducks were seen cruising around all summer.
  • Moose was sighted on Beech Pond Road in July.
  • Turkeys often visit in the Valley.
  • Kestrel were sighted feasting in the pond.
  • Hummingbirds have been sighted at many homes visiting the flowers.
  • Porcupines have been seen on Valley Road.
  • Fox was seen visiting the shore of one of the homes on Hidden Valley Drive.
  • Heron was seen in 2016 on the pond by Brown Road.
  • Bobcat was seen near Bishop Gate Rd.
  • Fisher Cats can be heard at night all over the valley.
  • Weasel was seen on First Beach chasing a squirrel.

If you have any pictures of sightings in the Valley, please send them to We would love to include pictures on our website.