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Tuftonboro & Wolfeboro,

New Hampshire

I want to share a bit of good news for Hidden Valley residents.  As one of the Lower Beech Pond Village District Commissioners, I am pleased to inform everyone that the District made its final $22K+ payment on the new dam this week. The dam is now all ours.. free and clear.  Most importantly, this means the additional tax burden LBPVD member properties have been assessed for the past few years to pay for dam re-construction will now drop significantly; maybe to zero for 2020.  The amount remaining in the LBPVD account with nearly all of this year’s budgeted expenses already paid looks to be sufficient, barring some unforeseen circumstance, to meet operational expenses and preclude a 2020 LBPVD tax assessment. How’s that for good government; a major dam project managed by volunteers completed on time and under budget and now functioning precisely as designed.  Many thanks to those who stood up to the challenge of re-forming the village district in 2012 and then overseeing the dam construction.  The LBPVD will continue to exist as the government entity responsible for dam operation and maintenance but expenses associated with those duties will be negligible on a per property basis as compared to the impact of dam re-construction.  Please look for public notices this spring about the district’s annual meetings to participate in the budget-setting/approval process or just to learn more about the dam operation.  The LBPVD is run entirely by unpaid volunteers without whom the Lower Beech Pond dam could not exist and we will be seeking at least one volunteer for election to the commission at this spring’s annual meeting.  If you are domiciled in the LBPVD, please consider stepping up to what is now a pretty hassle-free job.

Lower Beech Pond Village District

Message from Tom MacPhail, Commissioner

January 17, 2020