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Septic Systems

With summer just about on us, folks are starting to return to Hidden Valley to open their homes and spend time at the pond. When turning on the water, checking the electrical systems, and doing the other tasks necessary to get the home in shape for the summer, it is a good time toconsider the septic system. How long has it been since it was inspected and pumped? The Department of Environmental Services recommends inspection and pumping every 2 to 3 years. If it has been longer than this or you can’t remember when it was last pumped, it is probably wise to schedule for it to be done. After all, it is far cheaper to have regular inspections and pumping than repair and/or replacement!

It is also a good time to consider some of the “dos and don’ts” regarding septic systems. For example, do conserve water as this reduces the amount of water entering the septic system and reduces the risk of failure. Remember that your septic system relies on living bacteria to break down the solid waste. Therefore, avoid disposal of items that will have an adverse effect on these bacteria (e.g., oil based paints and drain cleaners). For a good discussion of septic systems, you can follow the link to

Finally, remember that for the vast majority of Hidden Valley homes, the effluence from our septic systems eventually flows into Lower Beech Pond. It is essential that our septic systems work properly to ensure the safety and quality of the pond’s water.

Environmental Notes