Tuftonboro & Wolfeboro,

New Hampshire

Water Testing Results June 2017

The results from the August water testing have come back and they indicate that the water quality of Lower Beech Pond continues to be excellent.

The average for Total Phosphorus measures was in the "low (good)" range.

The measures for E.Coli ranged well below the state standards for public beaches. 

The water clarity was deemed "excellent' .

The  Chlorophyll-A measures (an indicator of algae abundance) were in the "good" category.

Water Testing Results August 2017

Water Testing Results July 2017

happy to report that the results from Lower Beech Pond water testing in June were all within acceptable ranges, though due to a technical glitch, the eColi tests were not run.

The pH values were in the “Satisfactory” range and the chloride ion level was low. The total phosphorous values were about average and the chlorophyll value was in the “Good” range.
Turbidity was low and the water clarity was excellent.

All in all, the water quality of Lower Beech Pond continues to be good.

the result from the July testing will be reported when they are received. If you desire more detailed information, please contact Geoff Blackett at gblackett919@gmail.com

Quality of Lower Beech Pond Water

HVPOA monitors the water quality of Lower Beech pond by working with Department of Environmental Services.   The goal is to test the water quality three times a year.  DES recommends June, July and August.   The results of the testing is summarized on this webpage.

11Website was updated on 05/24/2018. Refer to the Website update page for updated information details.

The results from July’s water testing have been received and they are consistent with June’s
results. No spikes or areas of obvious concern were noted.

The Total Phosphorus results ranged from “average” to “ideal” while there was no phosphorus
detected at the inlet by Brown Road.

E. Coli measurements at 1st and 2nd beaches were both well within the state guidelines for
swimming beaches.

The PH readings have remained steady, ranging from 6.59 to 6.70 (7.0 is neutral). While this is
slightly acidic, it is normal for water bodies in this area.

As always, water clarity remains very good.

The final samples for the season were taken on August 15th. The results of the analyses will be
posted as soon as they are available.