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Tuftonboro & Wolfeboro,

New Hampshire

Policy and Procedures

Kayak and Canoe Rack Procedures

If you want a Rack assignment for a kayak or canoe you should contact the Gail McDonald at 603-770-4790.   Below are the  2015  Rack Assignments.


  1. Kayak on first beach should not be placed on the racks until the floats & marina have been removed from the beach and the racks are set up in their proper location.
  2. Names will no longer be on kayak racks.   Racks are lettered  A,B,C  and each section of each rack will be numbered  1 - 12, starting at the top left and ending with the bottom right.

Click the Links below to access the Rack Assignments.

Kayak Racks
First Beach Kayak Rack Assignment.docx

Second Beach Kayak Rack Assignment.docx

Canoe Racks

First Beach Canoes.docx

Second Beach Canoes. docs

Watercraft Sticker Policy

  • All water craft left on the racks MUST have a Hidden Valley Watercraft sticker.  Please contact Gail McDonald at 603-770-4790  to obtain a sticker.
  • Best Procedures for using the stickers

When applying a new sticker to your watercraft, it helps to clean the area with alcohol first.

Press the sticker on firmly.

Place the sticker where it can easily be seen from the front when placed in the rack.

Kayak and Canoe Rack Policy

  • Kayaks and Canoes MUST be removed from all racks by Columbus day.
  • Due to storage of the docks on first beach no watercraft may be left on first beach.
  • Understand this policy is in place to help preserve the investment in our new racks
  • Access the file below for the procedure for storing kayaks.

Procedure Storage of Kayaks on Racks