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Tuftonboro & Wolfeboro,

New Hampshire

As Summer ends and Fall begins, here are some of the interesting facts and activities that have taken place over the summer 2017.

There have been many sightings of bears, raccoons, deer, squirrels, turkeys and chipmunks.   It does seem that there were few coyotes this summer than summer 2015 & 2016. 

The weather this summer has been cool and wet.  We have had rain many nights which has allowed us to conserve on watering.   The pond will be lowered again in October in order to rebuild a portion of the DAM that has not passed State inspection

Many residents spent time on the beaches, playing tennis and enjoying each others company.   Lots of folks have enjoyed Happy Hour and a pot luck on First Beach most Friday nights.  The picture above was taken at our last summer Happy Hour on September 1.

There is investigation underway to improve First Beach. There is a committee working on this effort.  There is also a committee to improve the slope on Second Beach.  This committee is working to plant vegetation which should prevent runoff. 

The HVPOA Picnic was again a great success. The weather was perfect! This is always a great annual event which allows us to enjoy time with our neighbors.   The games for the children was a big hit.  This years events included a game for both adults and children.  Fun was had by all.

If you have pictures of the Fun in Valley taken this summer, please send them along to The pictures will be emailed to the Web Administrator and included on our website.

There is also a private Facebook Group available for all members to enjoy.   If you are a Facebook user, please ask for approval to join the Lower Beech Pond Group.   All members are welcome.  We enjoy sharing pictures and information with each other.   

Summer 2017 Update