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Tuftonboro & Wolfeboro,

New Hampshire

Drought conditions in NH

The link below provides details pertaining to the drought conditions in NH.  This is information has been made available on July 11, 2018.

Annual BBQ Help Needed

Abandoned Boats on First Beach

We are in need of volunteers to help with the annul picnic on August 11th.  Please email Gail McDonnell if you are able to help with the picnic set-up, cooking, or

We will again be offering games at the annual picnic on August 11th to all children between the ages of 3 - 13.  Please email Gail McDonnell with the the following information:

  • Ages of the children 
  • Boy or Girl

There will also be a couple of games for people of all ages.

There are two boats on side of the grass on First Beach.   If these boats belong to you, please move them.   The boats have been there for years and the planning for First Beach Cleanup is underway.

Kayak Racks

Approximately 33% of kayak slips are not being utilized at this time.

There is a waiting list for kayak racks.   If you have a kayak slip assigned to you and you are not using it, Please contact to let them know that you are no longer going to use the kayak slips assigned to you.  

Speed Limit in the valley

There are many children in the valley.   Please adhere to the 15 MPH speed limit as you drive through the valley.   Let's keep the children safe on our roads.

Please also remember to remind your guests or renters of the importance of keeping our roads safe.